Showing Out!

Designer Raisa, and Vanessa Sason showed out with new collection at Fashion Week! The two names merged together as the brand name RaisaVanessa in 2011. The set, and stage presence alone set the tone for what was to come. What was to come you ask? Take a look your self below! This show was a … Continue reading

Kill it Just the Same!

    Dear Full Figured Models, don’t feel slighted on runway issues. It’s not always about discriminating against you. Understand that when garments are coming straight from production, it’s much quicker and easier to fit a tall slim model due to their bodies having less variations. Almost all, or any designer uses the same parameters. … Continue reading


Who are we kidding here? Fendi is making noise with very little effort with amazing looks that intell furs and patterned furs, embroidery, and more. This line calls for the Gag Awards! A midnight black fur is classic! I’m loving the mixtures of furs and metallic leather pants with boots! What a glorious winter white ensemble … Continue reading

Odd Interest

This is normally not my attraction, but the Manish Arora 2015 RTW Collection is weird, sultry, and creatively Brilliant! This show may not be many others cup of tea, but it would have kept my attention for sure! What are your thoughts? Posted by Shanda Sofabulous BE FABULOUS! BE GRAND!

“GUCCI”……Get re-acquainted!

If you didn’t know what perfection was, you simply need to get re-acquainted with the Gucci brand! I love a well dressed man, and Gucci has paved the way for men to look there best in this Men’s Spring 2015 line! Amazing lines, structure, accessories, and details are truly a must when it comes to … Continue reading


Karl and his powerful fashion entourage approching……I love it! CLASSIC CHANEL This is one of my favorite vintage Chanel runway shows! It features some of Karl’s signature great suits, dresses and more! Loved the details, gloves, bags, jewelry, and stage set-up! In my opinion, Chanel was in full effect at this time.  Karl Lagerfeld stole the hearts of … Continue reading