An Angel Might just get her WINGS!

  Rumor has it that the gorgeous Kendall Jenner may become a new Victoria’s Secret Model.  All the buzz she had going during fashion week is paying off, and opening more doors for this new trail blazing hottie! I can definitely see Kendall as an angel girl because she has what it takes! Being an … Continue reading

Appeased by Balmain!

Intrigued and in love with Balmain’s Spring Collection, I had to browse through twice and pick my favorite looks! Oliver Rousteing has done it again! The models had no choice to stomp fierce, as their confidence levels had to be at an all time high with pieces like this! Not to mention, that Kendall Jenner … Continue reading

KIM WHO?????

Kendall Jenner is making waves and turning tides with her modeling capabilities. Her look is outstanding, and I see her becoming a huge fashion staple! She entered this profession a professional and took flight! Although her sister Kim K is gorge, I often look at images with them two next to each other and Kendall’s … Continue reading