“GUCCI”……Get re-acquainted!

If you didn’t know what perfection was, you simply need to get re-acquainted with the Gucci brand! I love a well dressed man, and Gucci has paved the way for men to look there best in this Men’s Spring 2015 line! Amazing lines, structure, accessories, and details are truly a must when it comes to … Continue reading

Spring Fling

Gucci gave us some flowy upscale pieces with a touch of elegance in its Spring 2013 RTW Collection. I love to view a designers line and then pick my favorites. If something does not send chills through my body, it means the look didn’t make the cut in my book. There is nothing like the … Continue reading

“OLD MONEY”….Fashion Poetry

photo © Massimo Listri, Grand Hotel Vila Cora Take me to the Villa she says, decked out in Gucci Couture, Balenciaga day coat, and a beautiful scarf from Hermes. I’m parched – get me a drink she says, and make sure my glass is smudge free she formally declared! Riding in through town, driver stop here she … Continue reading

Fashion Poetry

You are scandalous with your Namebrands and Gucci galore, but oh how I rocked your world in just a fierce ensemble from the consignment store….you fashion whore! You watched me enter the room as I worked the floor. Leaving you in awe standing in your Louboutins, you wanted to know more. You were thinking, who … Continue reading