Oh Oliver….

Somebody take the wheel!!!  Balmain has returned with a swift sword,  and struck again with an undeniablly amazing collection! It’s worthy of all praises,  and fashion glory!  His Pre – Fall 2016 collection has pieces with his creative touch,  and style embedded in each piece as only he can do. Of course the entire line … Continue reading

Appeased by Balmain!

Intrigued and in love with Balmain’s Spring Collection, I had to browse through twice and pick my favorite looks! Oliver Rousteing has done it again! The models had no choice to stomp fierce, as their confidence levels had to be at an all time high with pieces like this! Not to mention, that Kendall Jenner … Continue reading

Balmain upgrades street style!

I need to come up for some air as I am feeling wonderfully suffocated in this bold, and sophisticated Men’s Spring 2015 Collection! Balmain is giving me life, and all I can do is gag in the fullness of my satisfaction! This line gives me sporty chic, with supreme street style!         … Continue reading

Fashion Poetry

You are scandalous with your Namebrands and Gucci galore, but oh how I rocked your world in just a fierce ensemble from the consignment store….you fashion whore! You watched me enter the room as I worked the floor. Leaving you in awe standing in your Louboutins, you wanted to know more. You were thinking, who … Continue reading