Showing Out!

Designer Raisa, and Vanessa Sason showed out with new collection at Fashion Week! The two names merged together as the brand name RaisaVanessa in 2011. The set, and stage presence alone set the tone for what was to come. What was to come you ask?

Take a look your self below!

This show was a whole MOOD don’t you agree????

I’m expecting more greatness from this designer as it appears to come effortlessly! I loved the Add Campaign of her previous collection below:


It’s evident she loves the elements of bling, and details as it’s incorporated in her collection pieces. I’ve got my eye and credit card ready for her boots already!


I know….you are gagging right?

Let’s recap on some of my favs that hit the runway:

I’d definitely wear these looks!

To sum it all up I’d say this line is for the bold, confident, flamboyant girl that allows her fashion sense to do all the talking for her!

Let’s keep a close eye on this “Designer to Watch” list!

My Motto:



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