Kill it Just the Same!


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Dear Full Figured Models,

don’t feel slighted on runway issues. It’s not always about discriminating against you.

Understand that when garments are coming straight from production, it’s much quicker and easier to fit a tall slim model due to their bodies having less variations. Almost all, or any designer uses the same parameters.

The model has to be able to fit every creation. The elimination makes a smoother transition for showcasing and bringing garments to marketplace. Pattern design work is minimized, and quite frankly is saves the brand time. The full figure, and curvy simply has more variations ….meaning they would have to keep altering.


There are also instances such as a heavily beaded or sequined gown. It’s already so much time, and labor that goes in to intricate beading, placement, details etc. It would be extra time consuming to alter such a piece to fit every curvy girl, and the different dementions on her fuller frame.


With all that being said, it does not mean all designers don’t have you in mind when creating. We do have some like Christian Siriano, who include you in the initial stages of creating before garments hit the Marketplace.

It’s refreshing when you can find pieces that accentuate your body type that was created just for you!

There are multiple examples proving full figured is just as appealing and sexy, and that they to are comfortable in their skin and can exude the same fierceness as any.







Christian Siriano - Runway - September 2016 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows










At the end of the day… KILL IT just the same!!!

My Motto:



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