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Ok so I did a fashion Segment on June 3rd, that aired on June 5th this month.

I had the pleasure of being featured with my models, to usher in some great looks on BMore Lifestyle TV on MyTv Baltimore.

The inspiration was Dynasty. An oldy but goody, that will always remain supreme style in my eyes!

Displaying my “Dynasty Show” inspired styles… and how it indeed still works today with these amazing vintage looks. Styling these ladies was super fun, and effortless! I love, and still watch that show on my DVD Series Collection! There were always great peplum style suits, amazing shoulder drama, sequence, and metallics. The girls certainly did an amazing job!

Looking simply divine below, my model Jasmin displays a gorgeous metallic gold peplum dress. Not to mention, this material can be a piece of work trying to keep from getting wrinkled! We can certainly see Alexis Colby wearing this, as it exudes her style on the show!







The dynasty style has also been seen on the red carpet, and on the runways today. The vintage style of this kind of grandness can’t be denied!








A mean suit is always something serious! Seen above, Lauren Woodland rocked a gorgeous vintage two piece. This velvet peplum, sequined suit from Cache served it’s purpose in fierce! In addition, you can’t go wrong with a little fur scarf as I’m all for … all things Grand!

Below, model Sherwonda Fox rocks a sequined dress with amazing detailed shoulders! This dress is the sauce! I got a little creative, and made some glasses to give it even more flavor! It had silver mesh overlay, and trimmed with stones. It gave this look a whole new vibe! Amazing shoulders was often seen on dynasty from suits, gowns, tops, etc.

I could certainly picture Krystal Carrington in this number!





The drop dangle earrings added a finishing touch!




Can you say….. Backtacular!

This is how you come show up, and go with a bang!

You stumble across a great vintage piece in your mom’s closet, your favorite fashionista aunt, or a great second hand store! It’s like finding a rare jewel to treasure! I know I do!

I enjoyed working with these two hosts, Brandi Proctor, and Candace Dold.

When the cameras role, they bring on the magic!

Be on the look out for my next segment, fashion tips, and inspiration! Find me on IG ( Shanda_grand) for more looks I share for Inspo and ideas!

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