As you know I’m a huge vintage lover, and love some great sequined pieces.

As a Wardrobe Stylist/Personal Shopper, I have full intentions on birthing and completing a look grand style.

I love editorial shoots. They have so much character, creativity, and deliver a certain heightened element for fashion eye candy. Who doesn’t love glamour, and beautiful images right?

The draping of the sleeves is what really makes this dress so captivating, and stunning! I paired it with an elegant hanging earring to go with that flow. Along with that, I designed the eyewear to give it that edge.

Details are the Wave! What I love about this kind of dress is the details, and the obvious workmanship that went into it. There are certain garments you just keep, because quality matters!

This shows how you can turn a vintage dress, into a whole Look!

When you stumble across a rare vintage dress, you can add your own elements to make it oh so relevant again!

Hair matters. You can do an Up-do, or a sleek look with vintage pieces to refrain from looking dated. We kept it simple, with hair hanging to the back as it showcased her accessories better.

And she totally rocked it!


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