Let’s start this off with pure unadulterated facts! Bloggers are no different than magazine publishing, as we also post and publish about fashion, events, designers, and what we are wearing. We also give fashion ideas, suggestions, and provide images.

Sounds to me like more industry envy taking a shot on apparent competition! Might I add, some of these blogs provide more info, and better entries than many of the magazines today! Editorials advertise brands just as we bloggers do. Blogs are also a form of self branding, as many of us want to branch deeper into the business. And speaking on Editorials, some of these bloggers have amazing images that deserve to be published IN VOGUE!

For example: Sai Sankoh of



Soraya De Carvalho of “Style is my Thing”.




As a Wardrobe Stylist/Personal Shopper, here are some of my own Editorials shot of whom I styled from head to toe!


Blogger Micah Gianneli




Let’s be real here, because we bloggers are in a league of our own! We also put our foot to the pavement, and do the work!

Can you say….PETTY!? Don’t go acting all “holier than thou’ with us on this matter. There are thousands of people like myself who also take an interest in fashion and the many aspects of it!

What you are not going to do, is try stomping on us for creating our avenue to express our love of fashion! We “The Bloggers” now play a major part in this industry, and you and Vogue may need to eat it and let the wheels spin. It’s our time, and we are rocking the waves of this business and industry.  You’ve had years of spreading your wings, now let us shine! There is room for everyone! We bloggers to get the word out on these major brands, or brands in general. We also wear them!

Your ranting is just evident of our impact, so PLEASE STOP! You are now making yourselves look pathetic, and not representing Vogue well. Your jealous ugly side is showing! Your ridiculous “Note to Bloggers” was a waste of breathe and everyone’s time! How is it any different from bloggers, as you say (changing head-to-toe-paid to wear outfits) than the celebrities that are paid to do the same???

Do you understand that today most people under 30 read more blogs than magazines!? Don’t run your mouth so much that you bring down the success of  Vogue, and turn your audience away. Might I mention there are former Magazine Editors who became bloggers, such as Dara Fleischer who is now Founder of Kim France who was former Lucky Editor turned blogger, Elle Erasmus from American Woman Magazine, and more. So you can quietly come down off your high horse! How about you all tend to your self righteous demons, and let us bloggers continue to breathe more life in the fashion industry! We are not undermining anyone, as Vogue is not the Fashion God who rules the land. How dare you attack us for creating another avenue embracing what we love, which is fashion!? My blog is my baby and the extension of my passion for style. I follow my own style of how I want to blog, It’s mine!

You are just rattled that the world does not have to sit back and rely on Vogue, but can go to their favorite blogs as another source for fashion news, ideas, and style. I’d advise you to tread lightly, as one day you editors may need us bloggers to shed some light your way should you ever take a fall in this business. IT HAPPENS!

 So in conclusion I say to you…..see you again at Fashion Week!









  1. primrosebigwood says:

    Absolutely love this ! So well said! X

  2. Liz Beth says:

    I completely agree! I’m actually shocked that Vogue even approved the article.
    Your work is beyond LOVELY!

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