Hello to all my members and fashion friends. I have been up to photo bliss, and loving every minute of it! As a Wardrobe Stylist working on my own line, I still love to pull together amazing looks. I had some great pieces that I wanted captured. This is my photo shoot themed “Cocktail Madness”. I wanted a mix of glam, with an edgy twist of  darkness.



There is something to be said about a perfect Cocktail Dress. It’s ultra chic with sex appeal, but screams classy!


A cocktail dress can also be sometimes noted as an LBD. 

When selecting any color cocktail dress, always remember that a great dress has details and character!

The first dress has all the thrills with ruffles, and black and gold lace with cap sleeves.

I love the fancy bodice of the middle dress. It has a deep cut trimmed with diamonds, and a bow accent with a diamonds in the center of knot. Then it ends with a peplum bottom flare. This velvet dress is everything with a hint of satin in the details.

The third dress to the right is a gorgeous velvet with a golden inset, and a detailed cut neckline. Loving the quarter length puff sleeves, as it gives a vintage feel. And we all know I ADORE vintage!

You can pair it with accessories, but your dress should say it all !


This is how you demand the attention of any room!


Now go slay and conquer!

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This is what I do, and I do what I love!




Photography by

Norman E. Jones

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