Sometimes I Wonder………..

I always wonder if anything is truly original. The bible says there is nothing new under the sun. So, I take it that means someone before you has already done what you did. In the fashion arena, there are so many who get ideas from one another who reconstruct, reinvent, recycle, and so on from someone else. If I get an idea and you run with it but in a slightly different way, isn’t that copying? If you reconstruct an already made dress or garment into something else but it’s still my initial creation and fabric, isn’t that copying? If I reinvent a gown but added my own twist, isn’t it still copying? If I recycle or refurbish something, isn’t that still copying and taking the credit? I always look at where the designers get their motivation. Some get it from the 40’s era, art, scenery,etc. How will we ever know if a designer is truly original in their collections?  I think it’s safe to say that all are recycled, reborn, and made new. I think being innovative and reinventing is what keeps the heart of fashion pumping and inspiring new ideas in our up -and- coming designers. As long as we have designers like Christian Siriano, Dennis Basso, Monique Lhuillier, Michael Costello, Zac Posen, Zuhair Murad, Balmain, Dolce & Gabanna, just to name a few………………then we don’t mind the inspiration behind it! Just keep us mesmerized!



C. Siriano



D. Basso



M. Lhuillier









M. Costello



Z. Pozen



Z. Murad







In conclusion, if there were never a before then their could never be a fabulous after!



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  1. Very nice.. Great post!

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