Let’s go back to the way it was!

We all love a great designer with amazing pieces hitting the runway! But one thing is for certain, I truly appreciate the simplicity of the ponytail on a model. It was the original runway model look from our past, and has always been a true go to for any look. A ponytail is never overpowering, but always sleek, chic, and ultra sexy in a most simple way! Runway models are to make the designs look amazing as the focus should be what they are wearing, and not the hair. It’s not a hair show! The ponytail is perfect, as it shows the natural beauty of a model while it does not distract from the garments. Sure we all love fabulous flowy hair and I’m not knocking that, but that hair works better with print modeling and most editorials. I was viewing Giambattista Valli’s Spring line, and found myself appreciating the models who strutted with pontytails. Embrace the chicness of the pulled back pony below.









Sometimes the flowy hair can be so Gorge (just like a Pantene hair commercial) that it distracts from the look. Designers want the focus on their pieces!

The ponytail is a good medium to expose both the models beauty as well as the clothing.

I think the fashion industry rules should go back to the way it was, IT WORKS!





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