Pull the Clutch!

I love a gorgeous clutch! It can give you such an extra dab of elegance being hand or underarm eye candy.

A clutch can be fierce and dainty!

Forward by elyse walker.com

A clutch can be supremely feminine!

Forward by elyse walker.com

It can be unique and edgy!

Forward by elyse walker.com

It can be totally trendy!


It can be fashion forward and exotic!

(Antik Batik) Revolveclothing.com

It can be antique and clever!

(House of Harlow) Revolveclothing.com

It can be Supercute!


It can be clear and fabulous with choices!

(Bamboo Pandora Clutch) Neimanmarcus.com

It can be colorful and sophisticated!


It can be a “WOW” factor!


It can be a chic vintage dream!


It can be the new MUST HAVE piece!

 Candy Wrapper Clutch from Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration.

Or, it can be simply dynamite!

No matter how fabulous the dress or ensemble, the clutch still has a way of standing out on its own merits!

I know you fashion lovers adore your clutches too, just be sure not to leave it at the restaurant like I did!

Happy Monday!



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