FBL Fall Leather Look

I wore a sheer Chanel Top under an older cobalt blue leather jacket from La’moda, and some fab vintage long leather shorts. I attended the Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Expo at the Washington Convention Center on Saturday October, 20. There were some good vendors with fab pieces, and a well organized event by Maggy Francois. It featured Top Model Jocelyn, TV Personality Paul Wharton, and Runway Coach Diva Miss J Alexander.  I must admit my disappointment as I was not greatly moved by anything on the runway stage. It was a good turn out of people, but not many who came fashion ready or executed exiting fashions. Hopeful that next year will thrill me to the core!

My fellow friend/blogger Mr. T Artis for Stylishmaven.com.

My other fabulous pal and TV Personality Paul Wharton and myself. I saw him briefly as he had to leave to get to another engagement. I assure you that he is one busy man!

My fashion friend Tamara Lee for Hush Boutique was one of the stylish vendors. I always see her with a wrist full of gorgeous stacked bracelets !

That’s all for now folks, take care and have a great week!

Photo’s by Coalvin Woods of  Heaven’s Photo Shop



2 Responses to “FBL Fall Leather Look”
  1. Tres Chic!!!! I live for those shorts and the blue jacket is gorge!

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