The Expected

I viewed Oscar Del La Renta’s 2013 Spring RTW line, and was thrilled to see that he has not strayed away from that feminine element of design. Out of 60 looks, there were 22 that made the cut for Editor’s Picks . Grandexecution believes in just that… “Being Grand”! Take a look at these mesmerizing images and see if you can choose only one. It’s impossible!

Let’s play a game called ‘Name That Look’!

Lines of Credit

Wise Dainty Surprise

Peach Floral Delight

 Red Ruffle Madness

Pink Peplum Passion

Tangy Tangerine Dream

Bubble Pop Hits the Spot

Ice Queen Reloaded

Black-tacular X Factor

Soft Edgy Supreme

Cotton Candy Blues

Whip Creme Topping

Silver Lining No Denying

Can you name this one? Let’s hear it and Grandexecution will pick the best choice!

Details For You

Mean Vanilla Bean

Lustful Garden

Lines Do Define

Sleek Forgiving Rose

Just A Peek For You

Black Commando in the Room

At any event, you must pull out all the glamour to it’s fullest potential as it is the way to ensure a memorable evening. You will then have fabulous photos to look back on in your later years and say……WOW…. I was Stunning!

It’s Oscar, so I expected greatness!


Now after all that, I think I’m going to need a minute to fully take it all in!




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