Thinking back on Agnes Moorehead, she was a beauty in her own right. You remember her as the witch Endora on one of my old favorite shows Bewitched. I remember her eclectic outfits as she popped into the room for Samantha. I use to hate her bold make – up as a child, but it would be awesome to have her at your beck and call!

Seen here with Ava Gardner as they both were in the 1950’s movie “Show Boat”.

This shot above says VIXEN all over it!

Look at those sleeves as they are so relevant right now!

Just Lovely!

This black/white dress is a vintage dream!

Such a Regal look, I think it reeks of sophistication!

She has graced us with her presence in many roles as she is seen here in the movie called “Since You Went Away”. The movie was based on the family struggles after the husband went away to the military for World War II.

Agnes certainly had style that we can look back on and appreciate today!

Sadly she lost her battle with cancer, but won the hearts of many!

Farewell from Grandexecution!



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