New York Fashion Week 2012

@ Lincoln Center

In my fashion mode, I got some great shots of  people out and about, either coming or going to the Lincoln Center where all the great fashion shows are held. So, before I went in the building, I could not help but to capture the people who were also in fashion mode.

Ahhh, she was the very first to catch my eye!

These two looked great, and was spotted on the front row of my Kati Stern fashion show blog post.

Mr. Dante Blakeley, a Recording Artist, Producer, and composer looked fabulous. It was a pleasure to meet him as we swapped info and will stay connected.

Her look was adorable!

I chatted it up with these two fashionable ladies inside before the show.

 I saw this pretty lady upon entrance, and she was picture ready!

Her back view was also Lacey Chic!

Backstage Fashion

Last but not least, Lenah Zinyama’s neck piece was spectacular!  She is a Corporate Image and International Etiquette Consultant.

Well, I had a great time in New York and will be counting down till next year. Take care my fashion lovers and friends!



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