Kati Stern

During New York Fashion Week, I got to experience an awesome Fashion Show from Kati Stern for Venexiana. Every dress that hit the runway was absolutely gorgeous! I loved all the colors, details, and the grabbing pull that each dress demanded upon entrance.

Keep viewing…..it gets better and better!!!

This was my Favorite!

Amazing trails!

Each one was Gorge from front to back…Just Fabulous!

Ending in a swoosh as she worked the runway and executed well in this superb gown!

I gave Kati a standing ovation as my heart was full for my fashion fix! I had no idea what to expect, and it turned out that I was thoroughly impressed.

Meeting up with her backstage, I told her that her collection was EVERYTHING and expressed my thought. She is an awesome, sweet person!

I stood and admired her during her backstage interview.

You know me, I had to get an up close look at the dresses!

Yes, I was drooling!

I may just go back for more as Fashion Week isn’t over until next Wednesday!!

Here is some backstage fashion.

Kudos to the fantastic models, and I hope you enjoyed all this fashion eye candy as much as grandexecution did!!!



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