Who Im Dressing

Putting together a look for Niel Pearl was a breeze. I knew he would be open to color, as he always executes well in his style and swagger.  My direction for his look was Upscale with a dash of Urban. He has the build, the looks, and the confidence to pull it off!

Neil knows his stuff when posing for Mens Fashion.

Neil caught my eye before meeting him because of his fashion sense. He is one that will certainly call attention when entering a room.

Making sure he was picture ready and picture perfect in Gucci eyewear.

I’m sure you will see Neil around town during New York Fashion Week. He was such a pleasure to work with!

Besides his great style, Neil has a magazine called ILAND Magazine based out of New York. It’s a growing Fashion and Lifestyle magazine. He also has his own ILAND clothing line.

I visited this busy man at his home office, and we started putting our heads together on new ideas about what we want to bring to the fashion arena.

After a bite to eat, we took a stroll in the city to talk more about his vision and his magazine.

Neil was looking cool, calm, and sexy as I checked him out during our stroll. His Photographer was hilarious from “Gem In Eye Pictures”.

Check him out as he has nowhere else to go….but UP!



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