So I went thrift shopping, which is a fun hobby of mine outside of regular retail. I thought I would share some great items I picked up and can’t wait to pair with something fabulous. There is nothing like finding something unique or rare. It’s like hitting the jackpot knowing you will be the only person NOT looking like everyone else. I can hit at least 3 thrift or consignment shops depending on how bored I am, or how much time I have to spare. Check out my finds below that took me all of 10 minutes being in one store:

Vintage hat for $9 dollars.

Trying it on again and I simply love it!

How chic and dainty is this vintage beaded purse?? It’s a teal blue like color with what looks like 10 kt gold handles. It was $40 bucks and in great condition. It’s also heavy and I love the quality so it was worth it!

My mouth dropped at this pink sequined top with a boat neck and loose arms. A good $24 dollars well spent I’d say for this heavy dream piece. I can’t wait to put this on!

Ahh yes, the old vintage cameo necklace. You can find them at Zales here…http://www.zales.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4398058&camp=SEM_MSN_necklace_none . These have been around for decades. I just adore it for $12 bucks!

I was pleased with my purchases, so I spent the rest on a caramel frap  and some heels from Aldo.

Oh Happy Day!!!


Well, I wish you all happy shopping on your next vintage store splurge, and may you find gorgeous pieces to treasure!




2 Responses to “FAB FINDS”
  1. Fantastic finds!
    I especially love the black and white hat…it would look divine for Derby Day here during Spring Racing Carnival week.

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