Well Done Anna!

Anna Piaggi died today at age 81, but will always be remembered for her outstanding fashion statements and expression. She was a Vogue contributor and seen on the front rows of some of the hottest runway shows. Before there was a Michelle Harper, there was Anna who continuously made influential looks in the fashion scene. She is the original GaGa, Nikki Manaj, Gwen Stefani, and Katie Perry, all wrapped in one.

I doubt there was a bag or purse that she didn’t have.

Oh how I envy her family who will get to inherit her dynamite pieces. I would have loved to talk to her and hear all the wonderful stories in fashion she had to tell, and all her experiences!

She was mad cool!

Serving on the streets, and what an execution!

Keeping it comfy in her sneakers as this adorable couple strolls along.

GaGa who?

I’m sure it was always a pleasure to see her attend runway shows, as she was also quite an eye catcher!

This legend has fulfilled her fashion legacy and will be missed.

Peep the photo negatives she displayed on the head gear!

Farewell Anna, and job well done!




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