She’s a Fashion Animal!!

Michelle Harper is a fashion animal indeed! Every time I search the web and see her out and about, she has flipped my wig so to speak! I have seen her in many of the fashion photographer Tommy Ton’s photos in street fashion shots. She has turned heads each time being seen at any event. She is quite the socialite and has the fashion world mesmerized at her style! Her execution is one of a kind and I feel she can do anything! Lets take a look at more of her mind-blowing outfits below.

She looks simply amazing!

I love a lady who can switch it up!

Crazy, sexy, cool! Check the sunnies-(shades).

Guess she was feeling funky and edgy this day, but we like it!

Only she could pull this look off. Lets get a closer look at the foot wear.

I know right!!??

She is wonderful and I could just fold her up and put her in my back pocket. She is Everything!

You know you are a real show stopper when you have onlookers stopping in their paths to take in your fabulousness!

I will caption this pic______ “I have them eating out of my hands”…. lol!

Just gorgeous!

Shinning brightly and I’m loving all the accessories! Are you looking at that awesome purse?

Hey, it’s just another fab day strolling the streets.

This is what you call fashion eye candy and an upgrade on your arm men! You need a chief like her!

I know I know, it’s a lot to take in for you maybe, but I’m in lust and in love for all this grandness she is giving me right now!

As I mentioned before, she can do anything! I mean really, could you walk the streets beside this and not be inspired?

Michelle is certainly  “THE ULTIMATE” and I’m sure every time a fashion designer/mogul sees her, they are refreshed and reminded why they got into fashion in the first place!



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