Style Splash


Thandie Newton has been making such a style splash and I have certainly taken notice. She looks amazing in everything and has a great body. You can’t miss the killer legs! Thandie and Zoe Saldana remind me so much of each other because of how they effortlessly play up a fresh look. Take a look at some of Thandie’s looks below.

This colorful fun look was ended well in a nude shoe. This is a good way to do it when playing around with color, and spicy accents/accessories.

She looks fresh in this floral number. This look could have also ended in a nude shoe. Because of the bold print and details of the dress, the black shoe was actually used as another bold statement to accentuate the look. It works!

She’s even Hot in movie mode!

We all can appreciate a woman who loves to look good. The world would be so drab without the fashion element!

Bombshell dripping in gold!

Simple and Gorgeous. You know I love a sleek ponytail!

I liked this look and did my own little rendition of it below.

I knew the colors well as I also did a similar theme a few months ago. Although the camera and lighting did not pick it up well, my skirt is also silver and made of similar texture.

Play with pops of color and create a new look just as you do with texture and fabrics.

I love the lace shorts underneath, it’s a cute little surprise included with such a chic look.

A dainty youthful look!

Now ending on a small note, this look was awesome. Thank you Thandie for you have made Grandexecution proud!



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