I loved watching the feisty man crazy Blanche Devereaux on the Golden Girls. She certainly had style as she loved to dress in glamorous seductive clothing. I tapped into my Blanche this week with a fabulous vintage find that I just could not leave behind!

I think I would have made her proud in this breezy number. I strolled around town in Virginia with mom, then ended up inside of TJ Maxx. I got so many compliments, just like the first time months ago when wearing it to a friends church. I wore glam flats instead of my heels this time around.

I don’t know about you guys, but I still tune in to The Golden Girls today! Those four little woman are quite a handful, but all their personalities seem to mesh well together. At the end of the day, they always understood that they had each other!

Who would you say wore it better here!

She has passed on, but missed in TV Land as she has made an everlasting impression on us all. Hopefully you have great friends around you who are always in your corner like these women did! If so, I say round them up and have a fabulous daytime brunch in celebration of true friendship and special bonds!

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