Great Face

You are your brand and don’t need to be a celebrity to look good!

In this image is JLO, Kim K, Beyonce, and myself.  Your look starts with your face and good hair! I personally love wearing my own hair, but if you want to rock extensions, wigs, etc…….be the best YOU! Like this image, I find that less make up is more and works best during the daytime. Night time is another playing field and you can go a bit more extreme. I found some great faces, great hair and fab make up.

It can work if you know what you are doing and what works for you!

This could be a fun look for a fashion show, concert, or even a girls night out!

Ok, lets say you are not having such a great hair day but have a fab outfit–don’t be afraid of the old faithful ponytail. It’s classic and it IS a hair-do if done correctly. Take a look below at some examples:

 A ponytail can go with any look. When you look good you feel good so love yourself and all your flaws as I do, and continue to shine on. You are a star in your own right and there is no celebrity status needed! Take some time and effort each day! Get It? Good!

Now, go out there and put your best face forward! 

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