“OLD MONEY”….Fashion Poetry

photo © Massimo Listri, Grand Hotel Vila Cora

Take me to the Villa she says, decked out in Gucci Couture, Balenciaga day coat, and a beautiful scarf from Hermes.

I’m parched – get me a drink she says, and make sure my glass is smudge free she formally declared!

Riding in through town, driver stop here she says. Let me out to shop, I saw an Armour for my Swarovski collection that I simply must have! Call my butlers and have them prepare, I want my piece delivered promptly and in place when I get there!

Now back in her Limo, she claps twice and says driver hurry to the luncheon, we have little time to spare.

She arrives to her destination with no entourage, just her and her driver who lets her out and then takes her hand. He takes her freckled hand snuggled in vintage Chanel gloves, and escorts her in.

Oh what a day in the life of a rich widow from old money, a family of billionaires. There is no limit for this fashion veteran, as she has lots to spend!

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