Doll Envy

Ok so I know that I wasn’t the only one who marveled over the clothes. They had it all from the accessories, the yacht, the pool, the car, the home, and the man! I was very protective of my Barbies and loved to dress them in the amazing outfits. I loved that they always had a change of clothes in the same packaging as well. Mom would take me to buy more separate outfits at Toys R Us when I was behaving and wanted to reward me. I spent hours in my room as I was always a child who knew how to entertain herself. My dolls would keep me in my room so long that mom had to check in on me!

See what I mean?

Just spectacular!

This is where it all began fashion friends…..right in our rooms as our imaginations started to peak! We wanted more and more of fashion Barbie and all her wardrobe!

I remember having this one as it was one of my favorites. It’s Peaches N Creme Barbie.

Simply irresistible!

Calling on Vera!!!!

So Chanel!

Oh now come on…….I told you they have it all. Cute mini Louboutins, who could ask for more?

They are certainly keeping up with fashion!

 Barbie will continue being every little divas treasure the more she gets in to fashion to explore! 

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