“The package”…Fashion poetry….

“Sensible Bargain” diva had a long work day. It ended with a night-cap reading W Magazines, while lusting after the latest fashion craves.

Though she never splurged in spending, it delighted her tremendously turning page to page…. as it felt like fashion four play.

She envisioned herself in a Vera Wang and Ellie Saab gown custom-made. Dressing the next morning triggered some thoughts, of how stylish her co-workers grand entrances were each day. Lunch hour was spent different this time surfing the net away. She ran across breath-taking views, pulled out the pink card, and charged away! Feeling high off her purchase, she couldn’t wait and expedited her delivery for next day! Anxiously awaiting the UPS knock at the door she thought, this was the beginning of a fabulous day! FINALLY IT’S HERE! From this day on, things will never be the same.

She signs for her package and closes the door. She opens both boxes and slips on her shoes. Sensible bargain Diva now walked the halls of her apartment, in her very first pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Now kicking them off for the next box that carried her Louboutins, she knew strutting with those on you simply can’t lose!

A new kind of diva has awakened from within, and now a new fashion saga begins!

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