Kelly O

Though we love her quirky outgoing personality, I’m on the fence about Kelly Osbourne being on the panel of Fashion Police.

There have been so many mishaps in her fashion sense. I have always felt that you either do or don’t have a knack for style.


She is a lot more polished these days but still needs tweaking. I understand that she implements her own twists to her looks, but I’m not so sure she should be judging the red carpet. However, her fellow panelist Giuliana Rancic whom sits next to her, always looks so stylish and chic. You have your Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry styles which both can also be fun and quirky, but they ultimately achieve  a look. I find that Kelly’s looks often make no sense, or is that the idea? You should never have to study a person’s outfit wondering what look they were going for. Every once in a while she gets it, or very close to a total knockout look. What are your thoughts? One tip I always give is that tattoos and elegance don’t mix. The tats on her arm does not help when trying to give a glamorous execution. Tattoos can often become an eye sore and take away from the look in its entirety!

Because she is learning and growing  in the style arena, some things she should do away with when you now know what works.


This is the best I’ve seen her yet and pulled together well, even with the hair!

We love you Kelly and hope to continue to see you elevate!

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