Always A Boss!

We love this vibrant vixen and her funky, sometimes wacky style. It fits her and she pulls it off well. I love how she expresses herself in fashion. She can switch it up on you in a second and always has that element of surprise when you see her.

This day was definitely one of those elements of surprises.

I loved how she put this hair style back in heavy rotation!

The perfect pair of jeans….I fell in love with them on her “I’m a Boss” video!

She looks gorgeous in this wrap dress. It’s chic compared to her normal hip style as she still stayed funky and true to herself with the added accessories.

 This is still one of my all time favorite looks of her!

 She has a great figure, I’m sure tasting that did very little to that frame!

Her wedding Day to Naz, her then husband whom she is no longer with.

I thought she looked amazing this night, but was a little disturbed at hubby’s attire. His suit was not tailored well, and he did not compliment her look at all.

She rocks in this get up. May not be to everyone’s liking, but it surely made a statement!

Kelis in the UK. She has a style of her own and comfortable in her own skin… always shows! She’s Kel-fabulous in her attire!

London Fashion Week. There’s that wacky style I mentioned above!

That’s my girl, she killed it in this image!

In performance mode doing what she does best, with all eyes on her!

She’s a dare-devil and has that IN YOUR FACE talent!

She’s giving you the dainty Kelis side here and we like it!

I bet she’s a fireball when it comes time to party!

In a funky street look….it works!

No matter what she’s wearing, she has made her mark and I hope to see her very soon with more catchy tunes, funky lyrics and more of her appealing style in the music industry.

We heard her bold lyrics around the world and became fans …….oh yes, Kelis was here!



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