Lever Lover

Brace yourself!!!

There is more!

I know, you are gasping for air right?

Do you need CPR yet?

I hear the ambulance……. I am now getting revived!

The fashion world is calling us back….we LIVE!

 Dresses and ensembles at this kind of magnitude by Lever Couture has taken this world by storm. The spin on his creations are what makes a true fashion fein lust after all things great and fashion forward. I am in complete amazement at the workmanship and grand-ness of these pieces! Competition as this will always have designers on their toes and always thinking. This is a good thing as we the consumers will keep coming back for more. I can’t imagine how long it took to finish garments as these, but can certainly appreciate the time, dedication and thought that went into them. Kudos to the Lever Couture 2012 Collection!

5 Responses to “Lever Lover”
  1. Beibei Wu says:

    OMG! I adore the 1st two dresses! 🙂


  2. bagladyboutique says:

    Reblogged this on Bag Lady Boutique.

  3. anoko says:

    Loved every creation!!! What a delight to see. This reminds me of something that Christian Siriano would do!

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