Charlie for Short…

This gorgeous vixen is definitely one to consider being great at red carpet and other events for being grand. I have to say, she is pretty consistent with her appealing looks/ensembles that make huge raves and has us all in awe when she graces the screen.

 I found this look very delicate, dainty and sexy. The hair was the perfect touch and she looked angelic.

This look was simple, sleek, and chic. As I posted on my site under Hip Tips, the color red needs to be worn with class, as it is already an attention grabber and she nailed it!

This was also a chic bold black gown with the perfect detailing which gave it texture and all the right elements to make it just a bit more special. No accent jewelry was needed for that factor.

A very daring and striking dress was well executed while wearing a soft elegant up – do pulled from her face. The dress made enough of a statement. When your dress is such a statement as this, your hair should always be neat and simple. It pulls more attention to your features and won’t make your look seem confusing with a lot going on. The pop of color in her jewelry selection was an added soft touch to bring a soft appeal. Otherwise, it could have all went wrong by looking semi gothic. This was pulled off well!

She even looks amazing in costume in her movies and is one of my favorite actresses. 

And yes, she’s even amazing in the magazines! Look at that confidence she oozes! I thought she was the perfect woman to do the J’adore for Dior commercial. She did not disappoint as she killed it!

Let’s call this look casual street cuteness.

She brings spice and excitement to both the fashion and entertainment world! 

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