I love seeing the Olsen Twins in the media and in the fashion scene. They are risk takers and have a style like no other. There is none to compare them to, and that’s a good thing. They always surprise me and I always like to see what look they have come up with. You can call them trend setters, even if you don’t always like what they wear! They have grown to fabulous young business woman and yes, they are twins but each are certainly one of a kind!

More great looks!

Can’t tell them apart, I’m not that good!

This color is awesome on her! Both young ladies are so interesting!

These two looks above are very Avant Garde, and they own it!

 The look of gathering information and taking notes at a fashion show I’m sure!

Can’t wait until we spot these two power houses again in something amazing!

2 Responses to “Twin-tastic!”
  1. bagladyboutique says:

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  2. Even though I sometimes shake my head at what they wear, I do admire their creativity (and their unstyled locks!) Plus, I’m a twin and Ashley Olsen looks just like my twin (also named Ashley!)

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