I sometimes get annoyed at the negative responses from the media about the tall drink of fabulous-ness. Khloe Kardashian is far from ugly and holds her own well. Nothing wrong with being the “odd” one, odd is what’s on the runways! All three sisters are Gorge in their own right. I do think that Kim photographs the best and Khloe gets bad angles in her photos at times. Even still, she is still an attractive young woman.

Here in this pic is Khloe as a Blonde, and all I can say is……BOMBSHELL! She gives here sisters a run for their money being a tall voluptuous Blonde indeed!

I appreciate her fashion sense and how she knows her limits on what to put on her body type.

Her Bod is just as Hot!

As said before, all three are Gorge (Gorgeous) in their own right.

Khloe….that’s my girl!

A Fab Trio!

And this man adores her! We can all appreciate her seemingly honest and genuine attitude and Grand Execution loves her!

2 Responses to “UGLY….NOT!”
  1. Bynum says:

    Really loving your Blog…Love the work your giving your plubic…

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