Wardrobe to Adore

 As an all time favorite movie of mine, I simply can’t watch this enough. It’s certainly a girly chick flick that always comes in handy on those nights we choose to stay home from all the parties. I remember being pulled in to the screen the first time I saw this movie because of the awesome ensembles Betty, Marilyn, and Lauren had on– I was HOOKED!

Here are a few more images below:

The Dolls 

I love and appreciate when a women adorns and dresses herself well. Kudos to all you beautiful people!

This style is even relevant today!

How hot is Marilyn in that little red number?

Love the lace, and adoring that well-tailored suit! Can’t overlook that cute as a button hat!

Click this to view The Cast at the Premeir

mYou simply must get your hands on a copy. Old movies such as this greatly move me on the inside. It’s good content and filled with fashion eye candy. You also need to check out Audrey Hepburn movies and movies of that nature. It’s another way to indulge in fashion right on our couches.


2 Responses to “Wardrobe to Adore”
  1. damsel2012 says:

    Hello! Where on earth did you find that photo of the dolls? I am looking to buy them for a feature film. Please let me know!

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