Fashionable Talent

There is fresh new talent on the horizon and her name is Sankara Ture. I attended her performance on March 20,2012  at her opening event for a fashion show. The event was thrown by “Disrobe the District” and she danced like a confident butterfly as she whisked by me .


For a little tease, click on the link below for a taste of her work:

In addition to her talent, she has a style that caught my eye and it fits her bubbly personality.



I snapped this shot the night I met her as we hung out a bit. I just loved how she cut her fish nets into socks…Adorable!

Sankara is the Junior Assistant to Costume Designer at “Stick Fly” the play produced by Alicia Keys in New York. We are both into fashion and excited to work together as I style her for her upcoming premier. It’s always fun to let a fellow fashionista allow the other to give a new look. I assure you she will look amazing as I aim to please above and beyond!

Stick Fly is a play about a family’s secrets that all unravel and it’s all the rave at the Court Theatre.

SxkHBhXBWjQ <——— Click on link and see what the viewers are saying about Stick Fly!!!

2 Responses to “Fashionable Talent”
  1. Awwwwww this really touches my ❤!! Thanks for your support, faith, and believing in me!!! It means the world!!!! Xoxo

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