Oh how we all made such a thunder and fuss over my Carrie Bradshaw as if Samantha’s looks weren’t just as amazing. I found myself in awe and jaws always dropping to the floor at her ensembles as well. It was always a struggle for me to choose most times which outfit I loved best as they were most times neck and neck. What a fashion filled cast it was, and sorely missed! I need these ladies back in my life and even hoping for another movie. My fingers are crossed!

She looked so chic in that purple leather, don’t you agree?

My eyes went directly to Sammy in this episode!

  This is something I would wear for sure, I still want those gold pants!

 Times and days when you just really appreciate fashion!

Out of the box cute…who says you can’t wear boots with a  fab party dress!!!???

Let’s all meditate and summon the fashion Gods to bring our Fashionistas back to the screens!!!

3 Responses to “OH CONTRAIRE….”
  1. INfluenceWithStyle says:

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  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I am hoping for another movie too!

    • Thanks, and goodness yes, I would be outside of myself in fashion heaven if they grace us again……Im feeling something in the atmosphere here lol! It may be in the works!

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