Retail….Oh how they play with our Emotions

Fashionably speaking, lets take a look at style & emotions along with assuming the way we dress tells the world a little bit about ourselves. For example the “Brand Name” Diva who wears nothing but High End and loathes anything she deems as cheap. Is it safe to say that this kind has a low self-worth issue? These brand names obviously make her feel expensive, priceless, and maybe superior. In her eyes or psyche, do you think she feels the cheaper clothing lessens ‘Her” value or self-worth? This kind of person usually says that high-end means quality. We all know brand name does not always mean it’s better or better in quality. Let’s say she finds Mr. Right but he has a Honda and not a Porsche, and earns a decent living. If it’s not shiny and expensive looking, she’s likely to overlook the great small things!

Moving on to the “Vintage/Consignment Shop” Diva who finds great key pieces and treasures her find. Is it safe to say this diva feels they are special, one of a kind, and values meaningful significance in her life? Brand name is not at the forefront as she would still love that special something a great bargain. It will always be a favorite, argo her choices in life may be a lot less shallow.

Let’s discuss the “Dark Funky Diva”, who loves to wear black and harsh make-up with statement hair. Is it safe to say they are in a dark place in life and are screaming to be seen, heard, understood and loved? In search of the light and wanting to be rid of their demons, all the black is still a statement and expression through their fashion of choice.

The “Glam Diva” has to look glamorous at all times with perfect full coverage make-up, glamorous hair/weaves, flashy clothes, and accessories. Is it safe to say they have not yet embraced all of their flaws and work really hard to look close to perfect? All the hair teasing, tweaking/adjusting, and covering says a lot.

How about the Sensible Diva, who finds affordable bargains, does not have to stand out but looks nicely put together, pleased with her choices and less likely to splurge on expensive name brand items even if it’s in the budget? Is it safe to say this diva isn’t proud, usually does the logical thing, and thinks things through majority of the time. She most likely applies common sense daily in other aspects of her life as well.

The Brand name Diva has her SAKS, Neiman’s, Hermes, etc. The Vintage/Consignment Diva has her second-hand, thrift stores, flea markets and consignment shops. The Dark Glam Diva has all her punk inspired stores. The Glam Diva has her TJ Maxx, Ross, Aldo, and DSW. And, the Sensible Diva has her Marshalls,Target, etc.

No matter what kind of Diva it is, the retail world profits as it has a huge impact and influence on our emotional impulse to feed the need. They know just what buttons to push! What kind of Diva are you?

2 Responses to “Retail….Oh how they play with our Emotions”
  1. carol says:

    great blog, I like your style! oh and IM the sensible diva!

  2. I’d say im a bit of a hybrid Diva. Mostly sensible but a bit Glam at times.

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