All My Single Ladies – Uh Uh Oh!

The new Star Stud-ed season of Single Ladies begins Memorial Day at 9pm. I’m anticipating another step up in the already fashionable cast with wardrobe styling. We all love drama, but there is nothing like seeing it happen in style! Can’t wait for new plots and more twists and lets give a standing ovation to the “Queen”- Latifah that is! Sorry to say that Stacey Dash won’t be returning this season but she will be missed. Hoping her replacemnt is just as refreshing! I have been soaking and basking in all my fashionable shows since Sex in the City, Lipstick Jungle, Styled by June, Basketball Wives, Atlanta Housewives, etc. Thankful for a new season, Single Ladies was and is another addition to feed my inner fashionista being. Fashion friends get your Latte’s, finger-foods, and blankets ready as we get planted on our couches to view the new episodes!

NEW SEASON PROMO  <—- Click on the link to see what awaits us and coming soon to a living room near you!

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